2023 General Legislative Session

Utah's Legislative Session Website: le.utah.gov

How UBJJ's Involvement Works

During legislative session UBJJ will meet virtually on Friday mornings from 8:30am to 10:30am in order to review juvenile-justice related bills and take positions. Positions are then reported to the Commission of Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ), which sends them along to Representatives and Senators for their review.

Meetings will start January 13th and conclude February 24th.

Zoom details:

Position Definitions

SUP = Support

S/C = Support in Concept (support with anticipation of desired change, which will require follow-up with the Legislator)

OPP = Oppose

N/P = No Position (neutral)

HOLD = Hold for Further Review (will require follow-up)

PRI = Priority for Passage

B/S = Beyond the Scope of the Committee

Asterisk = Position was taken without a quorum vote

Details on Bill Lists

The sheet below is divided into sections along the bottom.

  • JJ Bills (blue)- bills which pertain to juvenile justice and/or UBJJ and R/ED priorities, initiatives, etc.

  • Other Bills (orange)- bills which CCJJ is tracking, but don't pertain to juvenile justice nor other blue-list criteria

  • NP/BS Bills (green)- likely won't be addressed again by UBJJ- unless a major change is made; staff will monitor

  • Done Bills (purple)- bills which have passed, failed, or been abandoned in the Legislature.

Please let Kayley know if you think a bill should be on a different list than it currently is on or if an important bill seems to be missing from either the JJ Bills or Other Bills lists.

2023 UBJJ Legislative Session Bill Tracking